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A tour de roues

publié le 6 août 2010, 21:57 par Didier RAMON   [ mis à jour : 11 déc. 2010, 03:56 ]

"We are two young French people (Benjamin, 28 years old, journalist, and Emilie, 30 years old, nurse in emergency). In april 2010 we started a 25 000 km bicycle trip across 20 countries in Europe, Asia and Oceania.
Bicycle trip all over the world is a garanty of great physic and human experiences, only using the most precious renewable energy - the human energy. We want to share this passion.
Our adventure is associated to the stake of the environment and biodiversity protection : to achieve this aim, we plan to plant some trees as stand guarder for environment in the different countries we will cross. That is why the United Nations for Environment Program and other organizations support our project.

By this way, we want to show how environment issue is overstepping any country border : the earth is a garden depending on the respectful behaviour of each citizen around the world.
Moreover, trees are an efficient answer to the climate issue and the biodiersity poverty, while the United Nations for the Environnement Protection have announced 2010 as the year for the biodiverity."

With this short introduction (A tour de roues) you know the essential of this adventure.
2 young persons, 2 bikes, some trees to plant and the world to discover...
The texts are well writen, very humoristic. A freat adventure.