...within the "Projet Itinérance" (The Roaming Project). It is the third version of this website, you could find in the Portal page the history of the different versions. The old one are not updated now and stay viewable. It is important for us to keep the memory of these websites in link with a period of our life, even if today we will write another things. Nevertheless our philosophy stay the same.

Who is Projet Itinérance ?

Projet Itinérance objective is to share our our travel experiences in a cultural, human and sports context withy one goal : Visit the world. These journeys could be in participating or creating some events (trekking, car rally with a cultural aspect, expeditions...) and using various means (hikking, sled dogs, horses, cars, buses, trains, planes, cargo ships, ferries...). These travels have to be in accordance with Projet Itinerance philosophy :

  • Subscribe in a perception of quality of life,
  • Generate contacts, meetings, exchanges with other cultures,
  • Move in harmony with nature with minimal traces of our visit and leave only positive and constructive impacts,
  • Convey the positive aspects of our society,
  • Achieve our goals while measuring the difference between "making choices" and "the difficult choice to make."

Traveller Philosophy

We fully subscribe to the philosophy of traveler Sylvain TESSON highlighted in his book L'axe du Loup :
"The English have a nice formula about mountaineering. They say that climb a wall without using ropes or pitons is mountain climbing by fair means. I have always wanted to travel like the English climb, with fears means, which is to say, honestly. On horseback, by foot, by bicycle. I find it unfair to stand in front of geography armed with a motor, and I know that the human's step, the horse's heels are the best instruments to measure the immensity of the world."

But do not forget that adventure could start at the street corner !

We try to bring from these trips, weekends, short trips photos and stories we publish on this site.
Finally we will relay the travels of other "adventurers" that can be found in "We follow them..." page.

This site is evolving permanently, please come back frequently or select the pages that interest you most in order to receive Feed RSS (using, for example, the Google Reader or feed reading software).

Have a nice journey with us !